Monday, October 6, 2014

But I Know What I Like Awards

But I Know What I Like is a juried art show, open to amateur and professional artists in the tri-county area.   This year 80 artists submitted  176 pieces.  Three non-artists judged the work (as in "I don't know much about art, but I know what I like.")

Award winners at the 2014 BIKWIL show are:

Best of Show:  Liz Skeels, The Orans

Jurors' Choice:  Richard Bucurel, Migration; Cy Svagerko, Gallery Critics; Patricia Watson, Lady in Orange

Awards of Excellence:  JoAnn Buzulencia, Weaving the Moon; Anna Creque, Silhouette of a Little Man; Robert Roy, St. Peter's Basilica; Earnest Search, Beach Party

Merit Awards:  Kathryn Antal, A Long Day; Nancy Hawkins, Hills of Sunflowers; Rebecca Hawkins, Clouding Up; Michelle Novak, Herbelus; James O'Malley, Idora Park Entrance; Terry Polonsky, Disco; Lanan VanAuker, Streets of Venice, Don Wright, Translucent Grapes

Honorable Mention:  Linda Brink, Brian's Song; Anthony Campanizzi, Winter Melt; Roberta Cencer, Watchful...; Judith Griffiths, Sheets in the Wind; James Hardy, Waiting; Millie Hawkins, Bundysburg Road; Linda Mohn, Changing Africa; Kristina Rule, Beyond Ashley Road, Wes Skeels, Untitled, Charlene Taylor, Iris

Purchase Prize:  Cy Svagerko, Gallery Critics

Winning entries pictured below (in no particular order).  The quality of the images is not great, my apologies.

 Liz Skeels, The Orans   Best of Show

Patricia Watson, Lady in Orange

Anna Creque, Silhouette of a Little Man

Anthony Campanizzi, Winter Melt

Michelle Novak, Herbelus

Wes Skeels, Untitled

Nancy Hawkins, Hills of Sunflowers

Rebecca Hawkins, Clouding Up

 Don Wright, Translucent Grapes

Linda Mohn,  Changing Africa

Richard Bucurel, Migration

Kristina Rule, Beyond Ashley Road

Charlene Taylor, Iris

JoAnn Buzulencia, Weaving the Moon

Roberta Cencer, Watchful...

James O'Malley, Idora Park Entrance

Cy Svagerko, Gallery Critics

Robert Roy,  St. Peter's Basilica

Lana Van Auker,  Streets of Venice

 Earnest Searcy, Beach Party

Judith Griffiths, Sheets in the Wind

Millie Hawkins, Bundysburg Road

 Terry Polonsky, Disco

James Hardy, Waiting

Kathryn Antal, A Long Day

Linda Brink, Brian's Song

Pictures of the event can be seen at on Facebook 

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