Sunday, June 23, 2013

centered: slightly off-center Senior Art Show at the Davis YMCA

                                                                  Ed and Kevin setting up

                                                                         The venue

                                                         Wonderful team... Tamra and Liz

                                                                 Thank you Giant Eagle

                                                              The Manor at Autumn Hills

                                                      The Terwilligers.... Briarfield Manor

                                                                   Autumn Hills

                                                              Tami... Ashley Circle

                                                         Victoria House, Austintown

                                                The Buccis.......... The Inn at Christine Valley

                                                               Briarfield at Ashley Circle

                                                             Glenellen Senior Living, North Lima

Mrs. Wiley, Glenellen

                                         Three generations of Freisens...... Ashley Circle

                                                            Boardman Vista Center

                                      Four generations of Fitzgeralds..... Briarfield Manor

                                                    Aaron and his wonderful volunteers

                                                                  The Inn at Ironwood

                                         Three generations of Hepps.... Christine Valley

                                        The amazingly talented Tamra wows the crowd

                                      Theresa Hickson, Juror's Award..... Ashley Circle
                                                               with Trish Blackman

                                                  Talented Directors, Chris and Juleen

                                                            The Inn at Christine Valley

                                          Elizabeth Timmerman, Best of Show, Christine Valley

                                Painting by Rita Downie, Ironwood, made into a montage using
                                      the faces and paintings of all of my students since 2008

                                                 Thank you Ellie for the beautiful programs

                                                                           A very happy Suzanne!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Paintings Clubs at area assisted living and specialty care centers have been going strong since 2008.  During that time, more than three hundred senior citizens have participated in weekly or twice-monthly classes.  This year's YMCA centered:  slightly off-center art show is dedicated to the memory of those whom we have loved and lost through the years.

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