Sunday, December 6, 2015

Student Art Show opening reception

 Bob Tupaj and Barb Lyras-Dubos

Luba Horsky and Sue Dutko

Cousins Dianna Mason, Suzanne Gray, and student artist, Jane Hamrock

Carol Vechiarelli, Janet Formichelli, Phyllis Patterson, Mary Grace Fowler
Beth and Jayden Scheller

Benson Family

 Art Outreach.... Kristina Rule and Crystal Eckman

                        Instructors Liz Skeels, Nancy Hawkins, Kristina Rule, Suzanne Gray

Mr. Dave's Guitar Class

  Students and instructors in attendance

Participating Students
Next up..... FIVE Squared!  Check us out on Facebook.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Art Outreach made possible by proceeds from FIVE Squared

FIVE Squared
benefit art show and sale

All proceeds fund an Art Outreach Program, which works with
under-served children in the community.  Currently, children and families at
the Rescue Mission, Casa Madre, and Beatitude House participate regularly. 
Daybreak and the Youngstown Community School participate when their schedules permit.

Recently, families from the City Rescue Mission completed  cubist self-portraits.

Saturday, October 3, 2015


Congratulations to the award winners!
(some ((alas most!)) photos may be distorted)

Best of Show  
Dominic J. Lynn  James Dean #1

james dean, YMCA, BIKWIL, "But I Know What I Like"

Juror’s Choice  
Lynn Parry  Summer at the Shore
Ian Wade  Die Brueche
Don Wright  See You at the Fair

Summer at the Shore, YMCA, BIKWIL, "But I Know What I Like"

Dei Brueche, YMCA, BIKWIL, "But I Know What I Like"

See you at the Fair, YMCA, BIKWIL, "But I Know What I Like"

Award of Excellence 
Luby Horsky  Bacchus Buzzed
Kristina Nguyen  Stare
James O’Malley  Sweet & Low
Guy Shively  Bloomin Cars

Bacchus Buzzed, YMCA, BIKWIL, "But I Know What I Like"

Stare, YMCA, BIKWIL, "But I Know What I Like"

Sweet & Low, YMCA, BIKWIL, "But I Know What I Like"

Bloomin Cars, YMCA, BIKWIL, "But I Know What I Like"

Merit Award
Jeff Beede  Two Young Lovers
John Fire  Blue Bells, Mill Creek Park
Anthony Campanizzi  From the Vine
Diane Carlise  Remembering the Past
Lisa Lee Kohler  Village Green?
Liz Skeels  Extreme Faith
Charlene Taylor  Rainy Day Blessings!
Gloria Williams  Bella


 Blue Bells, Mill Creek Park, YMCA, BIKWIL, "But I Know What I Like"

From the Vine, YMCA, BIKWIL, "But I Know What I Like"

Remembering the Past, YMCA, BIKWIL, "But I Know What I Like"
Village Green?, YMCA, BIKWIL, "But I Know What I Like"

Extreme Faith, YMCA, BIKWIL, "But I Know What I Like"

Rainy Day Blessings!, YMCA, BIKWIL, "But I Know What I Like"

Bella, YMCA, BIKWIL, "But I Know What I Like"

Honorable Mention
Brandon Benson  Llama Lisa
Roberta Cencer  Mourning Doves
Linda Cox  Girl in Corn
Roger LaFontaine  The Magic Trick
Karen Fry  I Made it Myself
Anthony Greier  The Dive
Rebecca Hawkins  1940 Chevy
Larry Macri  Ballerina
Pat Miller  House in the Woods
J.D. Mirto  Tall Ships at Sunset
Linda Mohn  Metamorphosis
Cori Surano Tulip Bouquet

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

2015 BIKWIL show

Update on the third annual But I Know What I Like art show...

90 artists *
48 identify as amateur
25 identify as professional

221 total pieces of art *

12 3-d
71 photographs 
147 paintings, drawings, mixed media

$750 in prizes

Entry was open to any adult within a 40 mile radius of the Y, and art was accepted on Friday, Sept 25th and Saturday, Sept 26th as per the prospectus.  All family friendly art was accepted.

Art is exhibited throughout the Y:  at the GATY (lobby), along the corridors, up the stairs, on the landings, and along the second floor corridors. 

A commemorative poster, featuring the art and artists' names will be on display at the GATY.  Prints available for purchase.

The Opening Reception is Sunday, October 4th from 1-3 pm.  (Awards ceremony scheduled for 1:45.)
Light refreshments and music by the Classical Strings Quartet.  The event is free and open to the community.   The show runs from October 4th-November 22nd.

* In 2104, 80 artists exhibited 174 pieces of art. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

But I Know What I Like

Drop off dates for art are Friday, Sept 25th from 10-5, and Saturday, Sept 26th from 10-3:30.  Late entries will not be accepted.

Please take your art, registration form, and payment to the Davis Y, 45 McClurg Rd, Boardman, during the aforementioned times.  Enter through the main doors, turn left before reaching the service desk, and proceed to Community Room 2, which is immediately past the preschool classrooms.  CR2 is on the left side.

All 2-d art should be wired for hanging, and will be displayed throughout the Y.   3-d pieces will be displayed in a showcase near the GATY lobby.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

FIVE Squared draws to a close

Thank you to everyone who supported the 2015 FIVE Squared benefit art show & sale.  We raised more than $3700 this year! 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

FIVE Squared on youtube

Click here for  video about FIVE Squared which is viewable on youtube.

youtube,  art show, Davis Family YMCA, Suzanne Bort Gray

 Thank you everyone for your support.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

FIVE Squared Opening Reception

I am delighted to say that the FIVE Squared Opening Reception was a huge success!  Eighty-one pieces sold... 12 youth and 69 adult.  With some sales of 2014 pieces, plus poster sales, and raffle tickets, more than $2100 was raised in just a few hours.  The show runs through March 8th, with more sales sure to come. 

The silent auction, featuring wonderful paintings by Nancy Hawkins, Chris Leeper, and Gary Taneri, will continue until 6pm on Sunday, February 15th... still plenty of time to get your bid in.

Thank you to everyone who donated, purchased, volunteered, or helped in any regard.  Because of your generosity, our new outreach team will be able to offer art classes to children who would otherwise have no means to access quality instructors and supplies.