Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Art and the art of mentoring .... those who can, do. those who care, teach.

Interview for  Sunday with Dee  Dee, Al, Suzanne, Jordan

art, eastwood mall outreach gallery, Davis Family YMCA
The show recently moved to a location across the hall from this gallery

The  Eastwood Mall Outreach Gallery is sponsoring Art and the art of mentoring  from October 19 through November 11.  The exhibit  features the work of Suzanne Bort Gray, and pays homage to her mentor, esteemed artist, professor, and author, Al Bright.  Also included in the show are paintings by some of her adult students at the YMCA.  Some of the show can be viewed  below:

al bright, suzanne gray, Davis Family YMCA, YMCA art
David Beck, John Patterson, Chuck Willett, Kristina Rule, Jim Dinopoulos, Joann Brown,
 Lynne Azar, Kelly Bancroft, Bob Tupaj, Linda Mohn, Maggie Courtney-Hedrich
Florence Dupont Ostyn, Bab Kuzma, Al Bright, Suzanne Bort-Gray, Barb Lyras-Dubos, 

Liz Skeels      not pictured:  Ed O’Malley, Brad Pipoli, Jeff Vargo

Al Bright, abstract
Jam Session  by Al Bright

Starry Night
Starry Night over Bethlehem  by Suzanne Bort Gray
                                                        Starry Night over Bethlehem

allegheny peace,  Kristina Rule, impressionism
Allegheny Peace   by Kristina Rule

 River  by Kelly Bancroft

    Corpse Bride  byJeff Vargo
   Begin Again  by Maggie Courtney-Hedrich
St. Michael's Cathedral  by David Beck
Am I Blue?  by Barb Kuzma

Yesterday Once More  by Bob Tupaj
dreams of wild escape,  Florence Dupont Ostyn
Dreams of Wild Escape  by Florence Dupont Ostyn 
  Glyphs  by Brad Pipoli
Lilies in Abstract  by Charles Willett
horizons, Lynne Azar
Horizons  by Lynne Azar 
next town, Ed O'Malley
The Next Town  by Ed O'Malley
dream fields,  Barb Lyras
Dream Fields  by Barb Lyras Dubois

Rebecca  by Joann Brown
sanctuary, Liz Skeels,  Peking butterbly, Magritte
Sanctuary  by Liz Skeels
  Winter Prep  by John Patterson
La Rue du Chat qui Peche  by Jim Dinopoulos
 Flowing Waters  by Linda Mohn

Shelf Life   by Suzanne Bort Gray

Suzanne Gray
Graymatter:  inside the insight  by Suzanne Bort Gray
                                                  Graymatter:  inside the insight
white water
Whitewater  by Suzanne Bort Gray

pennsylvania turnpike   PA pike
Through the windshield:  fall    by Suzanne Bort Gray

Paradise  by Suzanne Bort Gray

pennsylvanis turnpie  PA pike
Through the windshield:  winter   by Suzanne Bort Gray

Four Square  by Suzanne Bort Gray
Mike Moseley,  Mike Walusis,  Al Bright,  Jon Naberezny,  Lou Zona, Ed Gray
Educating Suzie  by Suzanne Bort Gray
                                                                        Educating Suzie


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